I watch the wolf

I Watched the moon around the house

Yet I knew its eyes couldn't scrutinize

so Why Watch?


I watched the sun around the room

glide freely as the clouds that surfaced

Before my face

But Before late I became blind 

And Couldnt gaze into the vivid sunset

I once knew.

So why gaze?


My imperceptiveness gave me 


to find more! to seek 

a cure!

to something that seemed to have

no avail.


Yet as I walked through 

the mountain and found

myself at a river, only knowing

due to the drenched feeling of my emerged legs.

I set my eyes onto the wolf 


Who strolled through the pale blue shimmer of the moon

Starring into me at the earthy beach

Of the lake.

So I asked him these questions demanding my curiosity

in which he responded with a howl of vehemence

felt within my interior where my spirit resided.


Astonished, I looked into the gleam of the water reflecting

an image of a bear -

Yes! the brown bear sat as I sat, Roared when I spoke, 

And watched the moon 

with correspondeance with myself, the wolf, and 

the stars above.

And I understood.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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