You, My Love

“Our Love”


All our lives we’ve been taught that we need food, water, and shelter to live

But my love, all I need is you

Your words feed me, Your eyes quench my thirst, and Your love protects

Your voice soothes every worry in my mind, and

Your embrace warms my cold heart


The first thing that’s on my mind every morning? You.

The last thing that’s on my mind every single night? You.

The relationships in my past were worth letting go just to get to.You

I’ve always been told that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and that light is.



Our love is much deeper than butterflies in our bellies or sweaty palms whenever we are near each other

We have become one

We have become each other


I never knew how amazing life could be before I met you

You’ve shown me how to love in spite of my past

That wall of insecurity and fear I had up?

You helped me tear it down


Because I love you

I always take your feelings into consideration

Because I love you

I will never compare you to anyone from my past

I will forever be faithful to you

Every day you have shown me unconditional love

You have given me the world, and the least I can do is give you me in return



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