I am universal.

I am not history, but humanity

I am not migration with all its limitations

I am the conglomerate of races dominating, and erased.

Dominated, and given chase.

Eliminated, but never gone to waste because this world of ours has a funny way of recycling culture,

It's copy and paste.

Let's call it roots.

Connecting trees of seemingly different species

Some connecting others with feces what we see is different from what she sees,

But what if all we really see is shades and slogans?

What if by some extraterrestrial chance we are the only creatures here,

But we molding ourselves into fucking categories instead of seeing our being as an allegory,

Racial injustice making waters gory with blood that mixes the same

Pollutes the grain

And I'm starting to think it pollutes the brain, too

You feed your kids bullshit based on shit that happened to you

Instead of planting positive ideals and letting them blossom and bloom you wield memories and lost hope

The universe goes misconstrued

Ethnicities are just excuses to maim one another and eat different kinds of food.

So when you tell me I look black but ask me why I have a latin surname

I'll say it's all the same,

We're all dying eventually and I pray we'll perish changed,

And I pray our children will burn the poisoned grain

And claim individuality within themselves, and not from the ancestral frame.


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