Who I Really Am?

What am I supposed to be?

A person who care,

Or a person who doesn't see.

A person who fights, 

But can never be afraid.

A person who drowns,

But does not call for help.


What am I supposed to be?

A person with a heart

Who only acts heartless.

A person who tries,

But never gets the joke.

A person who sees the future,

But cannot forget the past.


Who am I supposed to be?

A person who always laughs,

But doesn't dream to cry.

A person who succeeds,

But never seems to grow.

A person who loves,

But cannot see herself.


I am,

A woman who cares.

A person who can fight,

And be afraid.

A woman who calls for help

When she truly needs it.


I am,

A woman with a heart.

A person who stands up for herself,

But doesn't get caught in the moment.

A woman who sees a future,

And  can forgive the past.


I am,

A woman who laughs,

But also crys.

A person who seeks success,

But also grows with mistakes.

A woman who sees herself,

And loves every bit.


I am Me,

And I am proud.

I am Me,

And I am beautiful. 


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