you've seen and touched the real me

Sun, 10/29/2017 - 14:22 -- HaleyD.

you touch me

in places no one’s touched before

you see me

the parts that no one looks for

i never wanted you to touch and see me

i was the only one supposed to know of those places and parts

i let you know of these too

i let my guard slip

there’s no going back now

no way to make you take back what you’ve touched and seen

but i don’t want to make you stop

why should i make you stop

you’re the only one

to touch and see me

don’t stop

continue touching and seeing me

search further and further

until you’ve touched and seen everything

explore every detail of me

i want you to never stop

never take your eyes off me

will i touch and see you

the way you have with me

you’ve seen and touched the real me

continue loving me



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