Overcoming these troubles

 How is it that now in the world that one doesn't have to work hard for success?

How is it that the ones that bust trail every day, make it  out below the un- educated?

Sometimes I wonder how can one over come these troubles.

How can one over come racism,  or crude remarks?

How can feel wanted when others including there  own push you back down from where you've began?

How can one push to make things happen when authorities say No?

How is it that through the mind of many comes a great one that was thought to be crazy?

How can one trust when a heart was broken, am I worthy enough for you believe me ?

How is it that ,who you are is all in the mind and not judged based on your character and values, friends are not to judge on the knowledge but to one's heart.

How does one overcome these troubles?


      To overcome these things continue to be you don't change for anyone!

Keep the faith and stand strong, you will never blend in but you will always stick out like a sore thumb. But a proud,honest thumb glad be themselves.  

This is how one overcomes these troubles.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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