The Moon Smiled Back

We were out on a night time hike watching the stars look down at us

while the moon smiled back,

Because you know how I love to watch time jump on a shooting star and fly past us when I’m with you,

Because I love you.

I was so caught up in the glisten of your eyes

I almost forgot to give you my sweater,

I know you don’t want to ask because you think I’ll be cold,

Truth is I bring it for you,

Because I love you.

And later on in the night

when I see you caught up in the beauty of the stars and the sweet bliss of the nighttime breeze,

I will hug you.

In that moment,

when I hold you close in my arms,

I’m almost sure that I can hear the crackling of a fire,

Because when I hug you I will always feel that spark,

And if we ever kindle a fire in the heat of the moment,

then I’m sure the night will almost be as enchanting as you,

because as long as I’m with you I will be captivated by the moment,

Because I love you.


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