Darkness and Light Can Coexist

Blood is shed by the hands of men,

Deep scarlet runs through the streets.

When did this form of genocide began?

With blood, human hands are streaked.


It seems as if everyone has lost touch

With humanity that lies within us all.

The selfish desire to attain riches and such

Has inevitably led to our unfortunate downfall.


In the midst of this strife,

We must continue to believe

That optimism in this life

Is not difficult to achieve.


Every night, the sun feels it will surely fail

As it doubts itself and wonders why.

Yet, every morning its rays prevail!

Just as the silver moon and stars light the night sky.


Although we live in a broken and unfair world

And confusion engulfs this abyss,

Manage to take kindness and positivity for a whirl, 

Since darkness and light can coexist.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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