Hidden Figures

Dear Society,


You analyze the outside of my body,

My curvy, bodacious butt, and these hips that don't lie hunny

The three layers of rolls when I bend over and the wrinkles on my forehead,

not forgetting these big ass 11 sized feet.




As I sit in the pews of church listening to the pasta' preach

My ears got hot and suddenly rings

I hear these magical words


The words that made me re-realize

Of me, me, me, me myself and I know

you don't understand all these beautiful characterstics

underneath my flawless skin


Because what you see is the outside without looking in

The smooth skin and the long legs

that appeals to your vision

of sexualizing every inch of my body 


What you don't see is the kindness that my mama taught me

The fight inside me my daddy trained me

The voice inside me that God has given me

This soul that I have morphed for me


Each of these characteristics define who I am

But not the sole definition of who I was

Each part having its own unique twang

That intersects who I am


It's sad that many won't be able to see

This complex version of me

This version that goes deeper than the skin

Into these roots I grow each day


But it's their loss that they are blinded by outside beauty

Never realizing the truth that lies inside

The destruction that has led me to become

The confident woman that I am today


Today's the day where I seize the world

I thrive, I prosper, I destroy dimensions

I can conquer universes with my wits

But all you want to do is stare at my tits


These itty-bitty non-existent things

Used to provide food for human beings

Yet once again you've sexualized my body

Are you getting the hint yet?


People need to start looking beyond the surface

Look within, discover those hidden figures

The shadows behind the shadow that shines so bright

That would shoot through the atmosphere if I provide


But you keep doing what you wanna do

I ain't here to judge nor tell you

But I would highly recommend if you open your mind

To not just legs and thighs,


but heart and mind.


Signed, Cheniece R. Wilson

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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