The Vast Sea

Blue deep waters swallow my vision under the vast sea

I see, everything so beautifully as I lay on my one knee

Schools of friendly fish fly by and drop a special key

Awkwardly, I save this gift and swim to explore curiously.


Colorful coral reefs, plankton and creatures with sharp teeth

All in one harmony and avoiding the dangers underneath

Exotic fish flaunt their skins while sharks search for beef

Hidden behind rocks I follow the smaller fish in disbelief.


Ten Tentacles terrify its prey and hides back in a cave

Eels slither around listening carefully for a sound wave

Stuck in battle grounds of hunger I swim forward being brave

I must discover why I have this key before these creatures misbehave.


Beyond the scary comes the beautiful of this vast sea

Every life form is perfect holding roots deeper than a tree

Time is lost allowing these animals to define being free

Outlined in the waters strangely appears the door for the key.


Entering now I wake up from this awesome dream

The journey I swam, represents life filled with opportunities

The vast sea hold no limits, neither shall I as it seems

“Never give up” flashed across my mind as I ate sweet ice cream.





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