somewhere quiet

Mon, 02/05/2018 - 07:08 -- puffin

A room awash with warmth.
Tea steaming within a porcelain cup.
Quiet resounds henceforth.
Everything is looking up.

No people now.
No thoughtless phrases to cause harm.
I'm alone, yet somehow
This empty room is filled with charm.

There's freedom in solitude.
I'm granted the liberty to unwind.
But I would very much like to see you
And hear you speak your mind.

Yes, there's joy in being alone.
But I think it could be made better
If you'd only call me on the phone
Or even write me a letter.

I live for these intimate conversations.
One on one, quiet and tucked away
Unreservedly we'd talk and convey
What we cannot say at a busy location.

I want to hear from you -- yes, you!
Whoever sets eyes upon this;
If you live on this speck of blue,
Your contemplations I'd never dismiss.

But crowds stress me out,
Surely you understand?
I'm curious as to what you think about,
But loud places I cannot withstand.

I'd love to take you to this room.
We could have such a wonderful colloquium.
Comfortable conversation at soft volume,
A welcome break from daily tedium.


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