Today focus on you, focus on what you think about when you close your eyes for even a half a second. 


Today experience life with the mentality that no one can possibly take your shine, your light, your soul. 


Today, embrace the songs the birds sing for you, the breeze the wind blows for you, the shade the trees lend to you. embrace life the way it's intended for you to.


Today, smile a little more. Love a little more. Hate a little less. Today don't stop to feel any distress. 


Today don't over think, stop and just breathe. 


Today look in the mirror and know you will be okay, know you will get up, and know you will continue when anything and everything comes your way. 


Today don't complicate yourself, stress yourself, neglect yourself. 


Today love yourself, cherish yourself, appreciate the person you have become to be and the person who is yet


to be.



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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