It’s a climb, from the bottom up.

Whether you just weren’t enough

And the world knocked you down,

Or you fell in love and hit the ground.


Well you just lay there in the dirt

Shocked, confused, and hurt

You choke yourself on the muddy rain

And eat yourself to numb the pain


After the rain comes a ray of light

When the sun pushes away the shadows of night

It blinds you and you cover it with your hand

And you bury your head in the damp land


The sun warms your body, your heart, your soul

Meanwhile the wet Earth keeps your head cold

The warmth intensifies and it spreads

And it slowly leaks into your head


You pull your head out; your eyes filled with dirt

It is in your eyes, in your cuts, and it hurts

It’s everywhere, it’s in your ears

So you cannot see, nor hear.


But it’s not in your heart.

Don’t ignore that part.

That warmth, it motivates,

Brushes out the dirt and the hate.


You cry a little more to clear out your eyes

And that’s when you see the prize

You look down in your hole see nothing

But you look up and you see everything


The only way from the bottom is up

But it’s a climb and it’s going to be tough

You grasp the roots of the beautiful trees

Pull yourself up, watching the falling leaves


Often times you’ll keep falling and falling

The leaves cushion you, and they keep calling

It’s a struggle, and there’s lingering pain

But you have everything to gain


Finally, your fingers hold the rim

Look down and it’s dim

Look up and it’s bright

It’s so glorious, the look of the light


Good people will grab your hand

Pull you up, show you the happy land

Here there is life, warmth, true friends

Daylight, sunshine that never ends


Here is everything you ever wanted and will need.

Here there isn’t a single choking weed.

You’ve learned, and the hole is filled.

Any bad feeling from the fall is killed.


Let the rain wash away the bad;

You will cross shadows, know that.

But you’ll always find your way back to sunshine;

Everything beautiful comes by conquering that climb. 


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