This Body Is Sarcred

This body.  

One heart.  

Two valves.  

300 million veins. 

37 trillion cells.  


every second to keep you alive.  

Even though time is a snail of uncertainty. 

Life is a case that even Sherlock Holmes can't solve. 

You can make plans for all letters of the alphabet, 

but failure is a lesson in life we must all learn..


Cells in your body die so new ones can form.  

And sometime you have to go through painful experiences in order to grow from them. 

Ya can't just stop. 

Thats not an option. 

As you have blood flowing through your veins. 

It stops itself, when you get hurt,

Clotting into a stubborn mass. 

Trying to heal you from the wounds of life. 

Yellow hard hats, hammer at pained souls. 

You might be left with scars. 

As there job won't always be perfect. 

Always reminding you of how hard they fought for you.


So you got to grab your sword. 

Hold the shield with a hunger for courage. 

Your legs might be the next smuckers jelly. 

Your hands might tremble with a diagnosis of 

chronic fear. 

But you gotta fight 

You gotta fight for your smile. 

Your laugh

Shield your heart. 

And swing your mighty sword 

face  those who dare to put you down. 

 face demons that try to overtake your mind and

 face all the struggles you go through. 

You gotta know. 

You have

One heart.  

Two valves.  

300 million veins. 

37 trillion cells.  

In that body. 

Fighting to keep you alive


This poem is about: 
Our world


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