Lucifer's pet hamsters

Oh yes georganne I know that feeling too well

That terrible treacherous feeling to live in hell.

Where the only decent thing a person can sell
Is every little thing from the earth that fell
The place where the meanest people simultaneously say,
They were once all angels but god casted them away.

And every single law that  you choose to  disobey,
Becomes a strike on your skin that will always stay.
For  the price of all your actions that were oh so dumb,

Is the cost of relief because you’ll never go numb.  

Whether it be the furious glares or the burning fire.

Regardless you’ll be working for Satan’s empire.

However there is one simple way to avoid such demise.  

But i’ll leave that to you because it should be no surprise.  

Be the best you can be and it will certainly show.
As you walk down an effulgent path, that’s the way to go.


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