Open Letter #13

'98, 17

Man I’m only 17,

But there's people always pushing me to do great things,

With this life I gotta build myself a kingdom for a queen.

I aim for the heavens in a moment's notice,

Feeling so much pressure that they put up on us,

I just want the success that I deserve,

Cause my worth is so much more than a couple of bent quarters.

I am desperate, I am ambitious,

Call me what you want, even if it's vicious,

But at the end of the day, I’m still me,

True to myself, I dream dreams like any other teen.

The difference is:

I am truly free

From all your negativity and things that keep me bouldered, 

I notice--

Many people seem to call me strange

Cause I dream big dreams and I want amazing gain.

I work so hard for "unachievable things",

Foreign ambitions, international claims,

I just merely pray for my chance to succeed,

Cause my dreams are more of a reality 

Than silly "Housewives of LA".

"Poster child for overachieving",

Shout-out to God for always believing.

I am way too blessed to be stressed,

I try to thank God everyday,

For much more than this test.

I am confident, I am conceited,

As some say

And then repeat it.

I am as complex as banana bread,

But I'm as sturdy as the framework of a double bed.

I expect some respect, because I deserve it.

I carry myself with some worth, because I've earned it.

Little sayings I struggle with, it’s time I learn it:

"Dog eat dog."

"Mind ya business."

"Stay out what don’t concern ya."

Wish I was taught this lesson before my ABCs,

Algebra 2, Physics, Gym, and all them APs.

Instead, I choke on studies--

Doctorate degrees.

They say the career that I want

Won’t give me what I need.



They don't seem to understand.

To whom it may concern,

All I truly need

Is to be

Comfortable with




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