Five Feathers to Imagine


First of the five is where Freedom hides,

It’s wild winds the source of the spark in our lives,

With unruly nature does this one exist,

And the storms it creates are hard to resist.

The second holds home for Wonder’s warm breeze,

A smooth, eager current that one rides with ease,

This beautiful work, this brilliant light,

Is the key to finding the way in the night.

This third of five feathers holds Faith close to heart,

With never ending strength does this wise gust impart,

Generations of knowledge, of tradition and trust,

And it’s firm guiding voice shows the path that is just.

Key four is elusive, for Expression is shy,

With it’s breath just a whisper, and it’s influence a sigh,

This feather needs care for the fact to be known,

That an idea is worth little if it is not shown.

Feather number five carries the unending Soul,

A current without cease, ever flowing towards a goal,

A life without living would one come to lead,

If the infinity of this key was not guaranteed.

If the feathers are my Self, and my life a zephyr,

May Imagination be the horizon, towards which I forever fly.


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