The Circle of Life... After College

Tue, 05/07/2013 - 14:13 -- Hai3432


United States
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Hand clenched, nerves tingled, emotions stirred
Eyes tired from the long night of drunken celebration
My gown swayed and my tassel knocked against my ear
Name is called and a small cheer is heard at a distance
Gliding across the stage, a light is showered upon me
I glanced up and it felt like money, new beginnings, and money
Like a young eagle, full courage and ambitions to take on the world

Eyebrows furrowed, hands jittered, emotions sunk
I sighed as I stared at the computer screen
Five months after graduation and a sense of defeat appeared
So many interviews, so many applications, and so many disappointments
Need experience, need license, need more and more
Life after college is unexpected and just blatantly sucks
The soft comfortable nestle of college life is none compared to the harsh reality

Eyes closing, smile forming, mind wishing
My fingers pressed against the envelope
The tall blue mailbox stands, waiting to deliver my goals
The feeling of defeat no longer lingers as hope returns
School again has yet again entered my lost path
I glanced up and the sun showered its light upon me
It felt like money, new beginnings, and money… I hope


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