The Depth of a Man

How deep can a man go?

As long as he cast shadows

He will never grow shallow

My father taught me

That life can be as

Curious, and dark as the sea

Full of arcane mysteries

That we may never see

Or at least fully realize

As a true possibility

As a Black man that very well can

I still think, I think,

But I still don’t fully understand

How deep can a man go?

As innocent, and pure as white snow

A child grows, but a father does know

That his life is a reflection

Of what a man can be

Although he does not fully see

How cyclical nature can be

Life has a rhyme

No matter if we can see the reasons

From season to season

We try to understand

But there’s things we’re still missing

About the mysteries of Life

How full it can be

How shallow it can grow

How Profound reflections may seem

Casting us to a new light

A bright spot on a quiet night

What is the depth of a man?

How deep can a man get?

Are his memories seasoned

With infinite possibilities

A New Hope

An Old Fantasy

A Fresh Face

An Ancient Dynasty

How Deep Can A Man Get?

We must not forget

That unity is the platform

For Community to Stand

Without Family

A Man Is Lost

Hopelessly at See

We Cannot Get

As Deep as We Hope to Be

Without Gazing Upon

The Great Infinites

The Stars, The Oceans

The Skies, The Moons

God, You Are Depth

As Magnificent as Can Be

I See My Father In You

As I Come to Interpret Eternity

How Deep Can a Man Get?

It’s An Eternal Discovery


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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