Sail Away (Pt. 2)


These are troubled waters.  I hope I stay afloat.

'Cause the boat that I'm in is just a total joke.

I brought a coat; it'll probably snow.  I don't know.

My weather's unpredictable and on another note,

I think I'm headed towards an island that's so remote.

I'll have to talk to myself so I don't feel alone.

I wrote pages of my thoughts: stuff I never spoke.

They will roast in my brain till the day I croak.

I'm stuck within the concept that I can't arrive

To a certain time or place where I'm satisfied.

Deep inside, I don't even got the urge to cry.

I've served my time with the put-downs, so let me rise.

I realize the true side of me shouldn't hide.

When I don't feel too comfortable, I gotta improvise.

Loosen up and see the world with my open eyes.

No goodbyes just because of rain and dark skies.


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