Fairy Tales

Once Upon A Time,

She heard the clock chime,

Only to tell her the magic was leaving,

But she didn't care for she was believing

She would see him again.

That blue dress and perfect hair,

The awesome girl just didn't care

About the negative and the unfair.


This girl's friend with skin so white and hair so dark,

Could sing aloud and receive the song of many larks.

Though she faced hardships,

She found partnerships

Among a man and seven dwarves.

And though their bodies may be small,

It goes to show to be awesome, one doesn't need to be tall.


Though an awesome tale can be tall,

Especially the one about the princess who did fall


The prince who travelled from afar,

Rode to his shining star,

But there was a fearsome guard;

A dragon, a fairy, a witch who failed

And was derailed, but was awesome in a magical way.

For when she tried so very hard

To be the guard,

She showed a passion 

For the fashion

Of good versus evil,

Creating a love story.


And love is awesome,

Even between beauty and fearsome.

The beast who had tried to redeem,

Himself appeared to seem


The beauty who had won his heart,

And stopped the rose from falling apart

Was originally scared of the beast,

But he gave it his all and he was released

From the horrid curse.


But a curse can be a blessing,

Like a salad when laced with dressing.

To look for the awesome,

One doesn't need a blossom

Of faith or height or love.

The negativity that is abound

Truly wraps a mind around

How horrible life is.

But when one has a moment of happiness,

The look back at the crappiest

Times of their life and comes to realize

How everything is awesome.

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