Atlas Hugged

Atlas shakes
Beneath the weight
Of expectations
Far too great

He can not falter
He can not fail
His friends depend on him
He must be there

Between their stares and
Their troubles he's bearing
They do not see
The weight he carries

His burden buries
His soul
He barely

For fear
Of falling
And crawling
And bleeding and seeing

His world held up
On shoulders of stone
Rolling away
With all he has known

Atlas alone
His burden is lifted
At the cost of his home
Solitude gifted

But what is it worth
To live without strife
If all of his purpose
Rolled out of his life

And what is the point
Of waking from night
To stand all alone
No friends at your side

So Atlas strains
And Atlas holds
And Atlas crumbles
And Atlas folds

All of his fears
have come to fruition
Atlas has failed
his singular mission

But the world doesn't fall
And shatter to pieces
The gentle blue ball
Hovers in peace

It's Atlas who falls
it's time he rested
He held on so long
That the heart in his chest it-

Grew tired and cold
It slowed to a stop
And he found his legs
Unable to walk

When Atlas awoke
He was feeling surprised
To see all his friends
As he opened his eyes

They held up the world
While his body recovered
A burden shared,
Atlas discovered

Is far less weight
for one man to bear
Now Atlas knows
His friends will be there

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