Why am I Me?


United States
40° 37' 33.654" N, 73° 36' 2.2824" W

Why am I me?
The air I breathe is so thick at times
Days like these I just close my eyes
The tears fall at the wrong times
When I laugh I wipe my wet skin
When I'm sad my skins dry

Why am I me?
Seeing everyone's blessings in front of me
It's hard to wait for something you don't even know will come
But faith holds me down
Being blessed with a humble heart
I may not see the beauty in me all the time but others do and that's fine

Why am I me?
Fake friends show you how to be comfortable on your own
The strongest wings will always fly alone
Keep good company because it reflects on how you are
Don't let people hold you back
Just reach for the stars

Why am I me?
I don't care what people think
I'm feel honored just by the thought of people mentioning me
No weights but I get stronger everyday
Even though life is ruff sometimes I would never try to end mine
I'll just be patient and wait for my time to shine


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