I am afraid of failing. 


The word alone is scary. 


I'm afraid of failing in life. 

Failing to do simple things

such as doing taxes, school, being an adult. 

What else?


I'm afraid of failing as a daughter. 

I'm afraid of letting my parents down and 

being a disappointment. 


How am I fighting this?

I'm going to college. 

I'm studying until I can't anymore. 

I'm staying up late at night doing papers. 

I'm staying in the library for hours at a time. 


I've started up a study group for those who

are struggling around me. 

If I can't help others,

then I can't help myself. 


I'm budgetting my paychecks. 

I have a job that pays minimum wage 

but gets gas in my car and food on the table. 


I'm trying my best to be an accomplishment 

rather than a disappoint. 

I want my parents to see me and 

all that I do.

I want them to see that their little girl 

is doing great things. 


Although I live with the constant anxiety 

that I am going to fail,

At least I'm trying to 

do something about it. 


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