You are perfect

You are perfect. 

That’s it. 

I said it. 


You may not think that you are perfect, but I am telling you that you are. Note that I did not say free of imperfections. I know your nose is slightly larger than you would have wanted. I know your hips don’t curve exactly the way you wanted. I know your skin is not as smooth as you wanted, but you are perfect. Every small detail down to that freckle on your wrist. Beautiful. When I wipe the tears from your eyes and place a kiss upon your lips, know that it is my body trying to communicate how perfect that you are to me. Every curve of your body seems to call out to me asking for an embrace. Just like every molecule in my body vibrates with electricity when you are kissing me. You are perfect. The way your eyes glitter in the sun, illuminates parts of my soul that I didn’t know existed. This magic spell you have casted over my heart makes me flutter like the butterflies in my stomach when you walk in the room.  Perfect. Your smile is like a fire, spreading through the air til it reaches my lips and burns smile onto them that almost seems permanent. When you hold my hand I can feel the electric pulses from your veins entering mine like a lightning storm making me wish I never had to let go. Even your laugh seems to speak to me saying the same single word over and over and over again. Perfect. 

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