Reality Check

She doesn’t love me the way I love her.
She baited me like a fish on a lure,
and I fell for every line.
Now I’m stranded here by the wayside.

She shot me down.
I’m underground
because I’ve lost the only thing worth fighting for,
the only thing of which I was sure.

You may say that I’m not thinking straight
and, “Who is she anyway?”
But I swear at the end of the day
all that I can say
is that she’s the only one for me,
but that’s a reality she just could not see.

So I watch her walk away and disappear
into a darkness of which I steer clear.

Maybe one day she’ll realize
that it’s not the words or the size;
that it’s all about the heart and what lies
on the inside.

But if she can’t see that now, why should I wait for her to learn
and come around acting like she’s all concerned
when she’s the one who walked away?
Why should I be the one to stay?

I love her - that much is true
but honestly, I’ve got better things to do.
Other thoughts to fill my mind,
other pieces of the puzzle that I have to find.
I can’t afford to spend my time
hoping for something that won’t ever be.
I need to be out doing me,
surrounding myself with my friends
and not thinking about how this is the end.

So maybe I’ll see her or maybe not.
Are you waiting on her too? Here, you can take my spot.


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