Defying Negativity

Wed, 07/01/2015 - 20:40 -- srh333


the world may be warped

your self-view distorted

your pulse racing

your tears slipping and flooding

your soul


you must realize the miracle of you

your body which sustains your essence

that can move and feel

breathe and talk

blink and think

simple acts taken for granted

yet which amount to so much

you are a powerful, beautiful being

capable of love and creation,

passion and fear,

anger and euphoria

you can embrace another

build and draw

write, read

kiss, bleed

you are a testament that anything is possible

just by existing and

being who you are.

You are unique and precious

a phenomenon, a fantastical force

you possess a

functioning heart

and a magnificent mind

there are trillions of people

zillions of sounds,



but only one fingerprint pattern

belonging to you

you alone have your voice, your soul

and down below, your DNA

you have a Past, a Future

you choose your acts in the Now

you are a perfect you,

comparable to none

an irreplaceable work of biology

wrapped into a package

to grace the world





never feel less than you are

because you are everything

you are the only you

that is spectacular

and you are, too



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