Life of Color (Spoken Word)

Now before we kick this off let me hit you with a story. Feel like im in my primetime, feel like im going for my glory; But before we really kick this off let me hit you with a question; And from this question you might just learn a valuable lesson. Have you ever been judged by the color of your skin and been told to your face, " Boy you ain't never gonna win! Because your black you will go through a immense amount of strife and because your black you will never amount to anything in life!" Well little Marcus has. 21, straight out of Harvard, with a Degree in Sociology and just so happen to be top of his class. Lets give it up for Marcus.(clapping and smiling) Basking in the glory Little Marcus felt like he was on top; But what little Marcus didnt know is that later that day he would be stopped by the cops. "Stop resisting arrest, hands up, FREEZE", as little Marcus stood still. If you've never been through this traumatic experience you don't know how the brotha would feel. Turned to Swiss-Cheese, pumped full of lead, its another sad story of another brotha dead. Life goes on as the world revolves, whats the answer to a question that has never been solved? R.I.P, damn shame, thats all we have to say; But yet again this has been another amazing introduction by yuh homeboy, Sherman Bray.

This poem is about: 
My country


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