Awesomeness Is Art

Leaves are brown, the sky is gray,

How did things end up being this way?

I look around to see no one around,

And the downside is .. it puts me down.


But that's okay, no need to freight,

Having a positive outlook on life is my better bet.

I'm so thankful to the people who love me most,

It's so wonderful yet overwhelming that I just want to boast.


I believe in a world where everyone is compared to one another,

We shouldn't  be bothered by it so we don't go crying to our mother.

I've learned my lesson from my past,

You need to believe in yourself in order for that happy feeling to last.

The clouds are gone, the sun has reappeared,

My vision on life is now crystal clear.


I know this poem may or may not rhyme,

But just believe everything is awesome

Like you and I.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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