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Start the healing process of getting peace and clarity Reaching out to friends, family accepting free therapy I'm learning to accept the idea of being alone Although still scared of the unknown
A thousand paper cuts cover my fingers,From flipping through the pages of this book.Of our book.The book we wrote together,Page by page,Day by day.
 It was 11pm in the beginning of February. There was a group text. It was like the universe aligned.Months of friendship and flirting,Until you finally won my affection.
i am happy to come out here to talk about Dr Charles how he helped me with my marriage scandal, it wasn't easy for me when my husband left me, i was pregnant at that time life was very had for me i cried my eyes out, i couldn't even tell my family
Let's start over Take a step back Reconsider our choices You still care You still are there We might not be together We aren't really apart What if we take a step back We can reevaluate 
  Of All The Things That I Miss   I miss the nails on the back porch The worms in the lawn I miss the stables by your house
I don't want your love songs I don't want your melody tastes Everything was a lie and now there's no music Only silence and emptiness I confessed to you one morning Long after the sun had gone down
I'm so tired of being the one that has to be okay all the time I'm so over being the one that always has to take a deep breath and trek on I'm tired of wearing a mask for everyone else while I die on the inside
I'm going to start this out like I start everything else I write you Even though I doubt that you'd ever see this I swear to God that I'm not mad at all There is no hate in my heart toward you or anyone
***ADAPTED FROM ORIGINAL LYRICS WRITTEN BY ME*** I'll quarantine my heart Keep it close but keep it far From anyone Who might say they love me You should have been my cure Your medicine was never pure
When we feel sparks fly we hold on for the ride and that's exactly what we did acting like carefree kids   Eyes meet, instant chemistry we forget it's not compatibility
Watching you drive away was like trying to stop the rain so I stood there watching wishing you'd come back   Watching you drive away was like being ripped in half I watched you push the gas
A fresh page. The reinvention Of a long underappreciated discipline. Empty miles; A blank key; No cardinal in sight.
being without you this past month has opened my eyes to all that i wasn't getting. i was not recieving love or care, nor lust or passion of any kind.
 I will always be here for you. I will be there for the late nights, the early mornings,  the breakdowns and the breakups. I know you don't love me. But, could you please just love my name on a screen?
while you are out here, striving and thriving, i am trying to stop myself from continually colliding into you. i wish i didn't love you as much as i do, i wish this was easier for me to articulate.
Short lived I’m not here for a long time I’m here for a good time You had the time, I had the good Now even the clearest days seem covered in soot
It’s been over 2 years since I’ve seen you And I still get chills whenever I think about the way your hands grazed my thighs I feel blinded by the disappointment in myself for not letting you in
You were the breath of fresh air That I didn’t know I needed Until we met I have been so used to suffocating That I forgot what it felt like to breathe
A new face won’t erase the scars an old face created Needing sedation after seeing your fingers on the trigger You can’t put a bandaid over a bullet wound and expect to heal
I haven’t been sleeping well Tossing and turning Hurting most when I close my eyes And see your face taunting me Haunting me like a ghost
We met when we were eleven. We had a group of friends, but they all fell away one-by-one. We were the only two that stayed.   We spent our nights baking cakes together
“We need to talk.”   White bay windows overlook the block. We always closed the blinds up here. Keeps the neighbors from shock.
The clouds wept for they knew my pain.   ~awatr
You gave me love for one day  I see you constantly and what do you say? Absolutely nothing    I am told this is the way you are  That you love to be loved and fail to give any   
And when I needed you the most, there you stood with her in my place.   ~awatr
Just like dark clouds you can tell it will rain the storm will happen showering the flesh in pain   It will crash and bang on everything it may touch this heavy set of rain
I see his face and her face, I see all the rest But do you not see the hole in my chest?   I hear his voice and her voice, I hear theirs too But darling, where's your voice? I only want you.  
Dandelions sure do look like flowers But they're weeds that wilt in just a few hours To my untrained eye, it looked like a real dollar bill But a distorted George screamed "Counterfeit" and still
i will never wish for you to come back. or even to visit. i will only spare my love and all good energy, but keep it at a distance.  
Nothing hurts more than realizing that as you stood, Tears in your eyes, Body trembling, They stared coldly and lied to your face.   ~awatr
It's like a blade that never stops twisting in your heart. When you fall in love, you fear everything about them. Their very existence is your foundation. You love them so madly you're blinded by it.
Sunshine Don’t go away It seems as if You just arrived Don’t leave me here I like it better When you shine around me
It's been one month since I was standing here last. With this wonderful man hosting. And a beautiful partner in the audience.   I had written a poem for them.
You taught me what love was when I had lost all hope of finding it. You filled me with happiness as well as sadness. I miss you a lot every day a little more but will I ever tell you that
My dearest Zac, The words spilled out of your mouth  Apologies fell onto the table  Excuses splashed into my coffee so that it tasted like lead when I drank it.  You took the stars I once saw in your eyes 
Think about it.
To all young people considering returning to a boy who forfeit his right to be called a boyfriend I have some advice  
Everyone forgets the ocean is cold. You're feeding the void when you let the waves crash against your shoulders.
i thought i loved You In truth my actions showed my fear of losing You and my want for Your affections
Our love will last foreverLive, laugh, love, done.The end of forever You kiss with those lips so cleverYour touch on my skin sinks inOur love will last forever
As I stand there amazed Awe-Struck, and stargazed Sitting and Staring I get lost in those eyes She's so beautiful, words can't explain, she is my prize In every moment I think of her
My coat has missing buttons It simply will not close The open coat sends shivers From my head down to my toes My coat lost all its buttons When it caught on something rough
  She is everywhere Even now, I swear she never left She’s in every car ride When rock songs play The echoes of the way she sings
It's in the silence that the biggest problems appear,the quiet, the calmit's so unclear.Not sincere. Not the truthBut not a lie too.  
I deleted it. Another one gone too. You don't have time for me? Well this what I'mma do. Association is the killer The bleeding heart upon my sleeveI don't want to be remembered I just want to up and leave 
The memories of you and I explode like fireworks behind my retinas. I never liked fireworks.
What do I do now? You're slipping from me, fading  And a part of me somehow Just watches as you call out to me  Screaming to follow you  Screaming to grab onto your hand 
What once was a mirror, is now a window pane Different photos in the same frame I'm trapped in this gallery, yet I once was the art and everyday I wish for a fresh start but everytime I look it breaks my heart
You must hate the way I think about you. constantly. Or at least I imagine and yet you fill my head potently. I miss your delicate fingers singing to my skin when you filled holes
Dull pain in your name such joy my conversation can destroy you’re like something I can see and hear But not so near. You are out of touch with me Or rather
consume me with your presense I am devoured by your thought I ache inside to tell you but it sits inside like rot  
I keep holding on to fragments of you. Shards of possibility glitter with promise.  I feel you slipping through my fingers.  I grip you tighter, cutting myself as you leave my grasp.  My pain stains on your beauty.  
At the time I didn't know I needed to hold on.  To the moments.  The memories.  At the time I didn't know I'd miss them.  That I'd want them back.   
Thought I could stay,That what I felt as strong enough that I would'nt feel like walking away.Thought I could stop this;All my doubts,But they keep me up at night,Trying to win this ceaseless war,
One of these daysSomeone is going to come alongand break your heart darling,leaving you breathless on the curbas your heart shatters into a million pieces.But what happens nextdefines you as a person.
Empty is more than just my heartIt is the blank pages meant for artThat in your absence I've torn apartTo erase the ending before the start   
Today I heard you were still aroundThat you were still in townThat you hadn't yet left for collegeand I don't know how I should feel about thatWe use to spend long nights laughing
You love me,So you have told me before,Would die for me,Love me till the very end,Even marry me.So why am I still your second choice?Why do I still come second to her,
I take a deep breathInhale deepTo keep my tearsKeep all of my unwarranted hurtunwanted angerAt bayDespite the boiling rageThat unexplicit betrayal insideI smiled on the outside
I'm tiredI'm Oh so tiredI don't know if I can take this anymoreIf I can stayIf I can play alongPretend to still be happyThe small upsAre no longer worth the crushing blows
I didn't want it to come to this,Didn't think you would walk away from a love this strong,Thought I could find a way to make you stay,But I suppose that I thought wrong.
“If”   All we do now is just question the feeling Always thinking the other plans on leaving I told you my goals a long time ago You the one to decide to stay or it let go
Listen I loved you,  I love you.  The light in your eyes seemed to fill my empty space.  You were there for everything.  You were my everything. I tried to be strong and say you could leave. 
You called to ask me how I was today Though the last time we talked I was breaking your heart.  You were yelling and you were crying and you said I was to blame. 
Please fall in love with Her Love the glints of gold in Her eyes and how Her hair brushes across Her face Love what makes Her smile and laugh Learn Her quirks, Her dears, Her hopes, Her dreams  Hold Her close
I am scared, Not of the monsters in the closet Or the ones under the bed, But the ones that are in my head Battling to the death to find an answer For the sickening cancer growing in our hearts,
I love you with effort, but I'm grateful. I'm so grateful to you.
Rose colored glasses Rose coloured glasses My heart was like the desert, so I always kept a pair Hoping they would show me your rain So my roses could grow again But you were just another sandstorm
Once upon a time, He once looked at me in my chestnut eyes and told me I was beautiful He once said the only person that could set his soul on fire was me
I used to say that "love" was not a strong enough word to describe my feelings but that it would do for now. I could go through the dictionary and look up a hundred synonyms to describe the feeling when I looked at him. Adore
As I write out my pain, I tell you love's not a game This heartbreak's driving me insane, slowly numbing my brain   I try not to let it show, but deep inside my sadness grows
  "I hope you always find a reason to smile. "-Anonymous   In the events that occurred I hope you find what you've been missing
four months ago we came to a close, you came into my room and said "you have a lot of books in here." you ended it, and we lay for fifteen minutes, with you holding me as i held my tears in. 
Did you think I would never find out? I’m not as stupid as you may think I am. Do you feel accomplished yet? I let you in and it backfired on me. Even though it isn’t the first time why do I still want you?
  If one isn’t ready for something Why prepare yourself for it? You began to follow your heart Forgot about your mind And fears
One day you and I will be okay One day we will have this pain and despair at bay One day we will realize we made the right choice
The sun beamed down on her. The warmth calmed her. She hadn't felt this good in years it seemed.         She felt fine,                But Lord knows she isn't.
Met a guy awhile ago But lately I thought he meant the world to me So if gave him everything But in the end he left like all the rest Said he had been thinking for a long time And he met somebody new
Your smooth hands adorned my ivory curves as though you've never had someone to love and love you back. You followed the trail of my veins and sent electricity through my joints.
You were beauty and you were madness in both of their truest forms. I loved you and I liked you until the fated day came when you crushed me under your heel like putting out a cigarette butt.
I been fighting for something that's not there  Waiting on someone who don't care  This love thing just ain't fair    And yeah you say you love me and that you'd always be there 
The sunlight burned her little hand So she closed the curtain Her legs shook as she took a stand She needed rest for certain  
My skin, the cover of my soul’s pages, is soft leather binding, knitted together  by the Expert Craftsman, protecting secrets from            
Lord, my God take these words from quivering lips as worship hear my cry   take these tears from searching eyes
And then you said, "I was shooting for the stars with you" and that's the moment my heart broke as I looked straight ahead away from you
Self where are you come back to me for we need to be reacquainted 
I’m done writing about you. In the spirit of passive-aggressive stares and comments from our mutual friends and constant texts that always say
Just another night Just another night Thinking of you in the star light Without you i cant get through my days So theres no way imma make it tonight I thought of you When i saw a shooting star My wish was you would do the same But its just a shoot
Love Hate Broken   I loved you I hated you I was broken by you   I loved your smile I loved your laugh and the way you made me feel I loved cuddling
SIXTH SYMPHONY   Beethoven is a liar. He would have you believe that he wants you; but behind your back, he is glad to see you go.   Happiness
I lay down in bed thinking about what could be going on through your head Where are your thoughts Who is in them How are you feelings I ask these questions repeatedly as I want to know everything about you
I'm writing because I haven't I'm writing because today I looked at the poems I have written in the last year and they are all written in blood.  "I do not love you" is what I whisper
I love you like a drunkLoves a drinkLike my skinLoves the kiss of a bladeLike my dogLoves table scrapsLike youLove herI love you desperatelyWholelyEndlessly, passionately
I wonder why this doesn't hurt more, why I don't feel the pain of yesterday, sitting her wondering where I went wrong. Did I change? Maybe it was the scent of the roses.
because that's what you do to the people you love– you crush them between your clammy hands that you never let me hold, you wiggle your fingers to sift through those pulverized remains so that only the big pieces are left
The dim light casts shadows across the room, softening the sad features her face held,
steadily pacin back and forth, heart racin, watcha think i'm worth? did your life take this course from your day of birth to allow destiny to lead my way to you on this earth?
Your memory is a knife that I will never dislodge from my hollow chest. Your name tastes piquant like the last sip of vodka from this bottle. My heart feels empty. And I'm beginning to realize.
Now it's been weeks since I have shed a tear for "you," But tonight I saw a distant memory that carried me away, Into a deep blue sky of long-past, whimsical dreams I once shared with a girl I once knew.
I was ok Before you Anyway But you came And went Left me standing in ruins And crying in a downpour All those attachments I made Are shredded ribbons
I'm running in endless circles Like a stupid little hamster Fully aware I'm getting nowhere I just can't let go of you Knowing you'll Never Want me Is the worst part
We sit together again 'My parents are Fighting' I'm being pulled apart Like a string in Tug-of war Offer me your sympathy Take a little piece of me Joke with me again
I am a wave Part of the ocean Floating high, floating low And sinking When I crash My highs are So high I give God A high-five My lows are So low I'm not even in existence
Walk down the halls again It's just another day Boring, Insignificant Breathe in, breathe out... Sigh Head sunk low Hands in pockets I look pretty normal Maybe a bit down
Buckets of rain poured down from the sky, as though the angels wept, mourning what was to come.   I found myself lurking outside at school,shrouded in a black hoodie
What I show you is, Not who I want to be, But what you want to see. I aim to please, Society. They say to me, "Be a tall, thin, Long haired, white teeth, Light-skinned beauty,
What I show you is, Not who I want to be, But what you want to see. I aim to please, Society. They say to me, "Be a tall, thin, Long haired, white teeth, Light-skinned beauty,
I remember the first day
Yeah, I quit, so what? Our team was terrible, it sucked You could tell from the first games That weren’t on the same page I was hitting the ball, getting triples
I have memorized all the break up songs Cried a thousand times Remembered your beautiful eyes and face But… The memory of what’s behind it Breaks me up every time I want to say I love you
How was it so easy to change on me We use to be so deeply in love That when you were sad, I cried When I was hot , You Sweated When i thought, You reacted If you had an enemy
Me and You I was your love and you were my babe Sounds cliche and cheesy but why not hun Just a couple of kids who secretely liked the other for years But this was not known until recent
I want to know if he kisses her the way he kissed me. If he sighs at the touch of her lips. If he moans with the sway of her hips.   The problem is, I know he does.  
Broken   I can help it; I can focus on other things But it seems I’m self possessed on creating love. It’s a vague light, opaque at best and maybe because I need things to be perfect
It's 12 am and I'm starting to realize that I literally want no one else but you and I only want to touch and draw on your skin and I only want your hands on me and I only want to comb my fingers through your hair and I only want your lips to e
One day you were there By my side Hand in hand Than one day you left No words were spoken you Were Gone Waiting for you Hoping someday  You'll return.
The glow and look in your eye. A shock of excitement from your smile. Spread of warmth from those delicate hands  Maybe even a stride in your walk
If you really care Why don't you ever play fair? You make up reasons to fight And that's not right So please shut up and listen And stop your temper tantrums and glisten I never refused yor request
please dont ask me to write about our love or about us at all   because i can only write poetry on the things that kill me   and if you want a poem from me
You didn't tell me you  loved me in so many words   but in the way you looked at me and held me   you didn't tell me goodbye in so many words  
man my minds a train wreck so explosive but nobody knows what's going on cuz I show no emotion. I don't feel the need to tell people my problems.simply because my problems are my problems.
My heart was once your home. Lucky for the girl who have your heart now Lucky, for she finally captured what was once mine. Be happy, I know you already are.   I want to be happy for you
To all wounds of the heart, Time is the antidote. Designed like a coat Soothing the pain as it impart   It is nonpareil It understands what you want As time acts more than a confidant
I guess I should write about love and Happy endings. Like the way the sun shines and each New beginning. Or how amazing the light is at each sunset And sunrise. Or that rush of emotion you get from each
Four years. Four years and you're letting go, not me. I desired to keep you. Like the folded up piece of paper that you placed in an envelope and sealed with your wax kisses.
When I used to look in the mirror, I would see A girl who struggled, but yet was sometimes pretty. I struggled with my relationship with my family. Although they clothed, fed, housed, and spoiled me,
Today the song came on the radio And I sang along But I can’t forget when you sang with me And I can’t forget how things ended I want you to know I don’t hate you, I’m not mad
You told me forever, But now you are holding her hand. You held my like I was your world, But now all alone I stand. You kissed my like you were scared to lose me, But now you laugh with out me.
I'm so sick of pretending like I'm fine Like I'm okay with the way My life has been Like I'm cool with the fact
I thought about what it would be like Without you. I thought about how that would change me For flowers bloom and trees root With the beckoning of spring, And the chills of winter
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to say whatever you want without ridicule? Or maybe you want to do physical things like grabbing a can without issue.
I sit here alone, drowning.
People say that she's perfect. All I can say is they're right. I can't believe I have her, No matter how hard I try. Far above what I've dreamed. Ultimately out of reach.
Raindrops on my window Teardrops on my cheeks. The pain is so strong that it is sinking in. I thought about calling you and pouring my emotions out, but there is so much to say I would have to shout.
i love you because you make me happy i hate you because you left i love you because you make feel secure i hate you because you have him now                  i love your smile the way you say my name
i love you because you make me happy i hate you because you left i love you because you make feel secure i hate you because you have him now                  i love your smile the way you say my name
I love you. 
in december
Her alarm goes of and she hits it with all her strength Her bed is soaked from the night before   She gets her favorite jeans and matches it with her favorite shirt
I often find myself wondering if a rhythm could be ever be placed alongside these poems about missing  you and the way i felt lying on my back in the soft grass while lighntning bugs
Times like this I wish the raindrops outside would pause for a moment. As my heart slows and I lay in silence.
I’m sorry things turned sour.
Cool autumn day spent Sun setting Sick with regret. Disintegrating will In overwhelming quiet   Departure inevitable Pressing together Embracing the future, skeptical
You make my heart dropmy mind stoptime for a place swapto see who’s top Make it all endthat’s what I reccomendmaybe it’ll mendmaybe we can pretend
How do you think an angel is born? When she fights to be pure and perfect When she tried to be just for you To stitch on her wings Turned to the mirror to see Needle through her own flesh
Can we build that sand castle the wind blew, Or fill the bottles we drained? Will you help me piece these halves to two, Or is this ending here to stay?
you caught me like a dream, tangled in the beaded threads of your feathered   web, your dreamcatcher holding my spirit in a cage of promises.   you kept me like a
this is the sound of your razor-blade betrayal shredding through my trust.   there is nothing like the bittersweet sting of your honey-coated lies.   this is how it felt
My mind wonders, My thoughts are twisted, These ideas in my head Are strung together With memories and emotions I'm unable to comprehend. Lying in bed looking down to you,
Leafless branches obscure my vision. They block out so much more than The frilly obscenities that blossom From flora of the fowl.
The sterling silver and stripped car, with the squealing high pitched sound. May it break on a back road away very far and leave him stranded, never found.   The boy who tried that morning to hit me,
I’m no good at making choices so I let my hands do the talking, Blocking my heart from letting out what its been calling. My back is pinned in so tight I can no longer feel my heart beat,
You’re so maybe, just maybe
We click into socketsBut our bones know betterAnd keep us from being spaghetti dinner.
I read your words and my heart starts to bleed. How can I sing your song, if you are all I need. Now that you're gone, and never look back,
We were friends back, years ago Back When She was a awkward nerd and my hair was nappy. Now We're all grown up, reunited, And All I want is to make her happy.
I break away from you, So I can live my life. I don't know what I'm going to do, Perhaps just try to survive. I'm able to do as I want and my voice will be heard, Because now I am as free as a bird.
A teddy bear is such a childish thing, and yet, it can evokeso many memories. One look at its small grey hoodie reading “I heart U,” takesFranklin to a new level, both place and item,  
I look out the window at the quiet absence, In the stillness of a dull summer night, I smell the chlorine in my hair as I bite its frail ends. Its sunny color washed out by the moonlight,
Oh Dear Romeo I am quite happy not having you lay beside me It has been months without the want of another companion It all just stopped I forgot the time   In fact Romeo,
The adolescent flair once abandoned Now is the critically acclaimed charm In the Fantasty Castle Occupied via a more deserving owner.   So why did I attempt to perform ethically
True luv doesnt hurt intentionaly, reality is abuse always hurts~ Fist or words the damage is the same. I can forgive the pain of ur fist faster than ur words. None i'll ever forget, foolishly most i'll forgive.
When I hear the wind blow I hear you voice, your name  No one will ever know How much it drives me insane   With every thought of you My heart hurts more and more I don't know what to do 
maybe it's better this way maybe my self respect will transition from an oak relying on your rain to a cactus growing toward her sun because i know she won't be bitter
Invisible scars that aline her armTransparent bruises that do no harmMake up covers those nasty scarsLook at her now and look how far
I'll remember this next time, Next time I won't fall so hard. Next time I won't cry... Next time. I'll remember this next time, Next time I won't step up so quick, Next time I won't ask...
I know that we've barely met, but I've got feeling I don't regret. I never really believed in love at first sight, but now I'm glad I can call you mine
Somebody told me they saw my soldier! 
You are my inspiration.Let these words hit you  hard.Harder than any truth revealedin the lyrics that run through your head.I cared for you - that's as simple as it gets.I overcompensated for something
The single rose that an apologetic young man rudely plucked away from a shrub. Along his aspiring excursion up her fire escape apon her window seal. Rueing for making her heart twinge with regret
My love my love Look only at me My love my love You belong with me When your gone, I can't stand the silence I go insane.   My love my love Stay with me My love my love
Love is like a candle. At first it burns bright, And then it dims, And then goes out. Just like a candle. And all that's left is a broken, melted, burning, oozing pile of melted wax.
He was my bandaid.      I was his confidant. He was fun in bed. I was scared of becoming attached. He was my friend and potential lover. I was an experiment. He made me feel sexy and beautiful. I made him climax. He lied about wanting more.
I used to ache for you to know me.For you to wonder about my depths and reason, For you to fall into my cracks and find pieces of yourself you never knew you lost.I used to wish to hear those words drip from your lips,
For that which love does say And whisper rather than shout Only to cause some fray Then leave both sides to pout Love lasts long only when it wants to Often it breaks to become an empty shell
Maybe one day we can lay there and count all the stars    Not having one worry about life behind closed bars  I promise someday we'll catch every star and one day we'l reach for the moon   
My bones hurt as they hit the bed. My stomach empty like a bitter morning from a nightmare. My tears burn as they meet my face. The rumbling in my heart scares me as it pounds me down.
  How many times will I  hear the same story of a  girl who saw a boy and  fell in hopeless, mournful love? How many times will I 
when our faces were close and our mouths stillclumsyyour broken tooth always reminded me that I wasalive.and now I hear you are getting your front-right-tooth filled in because
He left me half dead you know? He left me a drained girl who had drank from his love for well over a year. He left me hungry for love and affection for comfort and heat.
I feel for you my dear,   I do. He fooled us all. When he took his vows as only words,   and broke all of our hearts. And the son you bore him,  will never know married parents.
Take me. Take me back. I miss you quite terribly. I miss watching movies, teasing each other, laying on my couch, holding your hands. I miss all of the times that made me fall in love with you.
When I hear of a hurricane, that is when I will think of you. A force that drove me insane, and a little senseless too. I admit I didn't love, how easily you caught my eye.
I watched you walk away, because what more could I say? I watched you as you left, I swear you caused my death. I watched you with someone else, because this is what I caused. I caused it all.
Together as one is a misconception, This person instills in you. Outwardly projecting ones own self, Onto the people that love them most. Their infinite ability to inflict, Such damage to you and,
I am a different person because of you. You were the lies to all my truths. The deception to all my honesty. The hate to all my love. The insensitivity to all my feelings. The lack of empathy to all my pain.
As you turn away all you can see is her face. Your feelings you've previously had about her slowly fade as the color in the sky turns from blue to grey. Tears are pleading to escape but there's nowhere to hide.
  He wasn’t the first, and wouldn’t be the last. Once again I put my heart on the line. I didn’t think about what you would go through, I wanted him, I needed him.   Within two weeks I was alone again,
The memories she chokes onHave her sprawled out on the floor.A grimace gentle lips don.Wrenching sobs make dear souls sore.
Back to normal, where the day had opportunity and a kiss waiting.   Comfort and forgiveness became a blanket that cloaked all imperfections.   Now all that is left is
I used to think we could be one of two things-- friends, or strangers But I've come to the realization that it MUST be the latter I am so incredibly attracted to you And I can't help myself
Blinded by the prettiest eyes I've ever seen, Just had to compliment, not to be mean. Blue color unlike anything I've known, Stunned by the beauty, it clearly shown. Held hostage by your glance, Baby Blue,
They say I need closure, that my heart will be at peace I just look at them like naw I got too much pride to speak Heart shattered piece by piece will have that effect So I guess this is how it’ll be
The street lights look like dandelions tonight. It's light is dancing in your eyes. The cold rushes through us. Bringing me and you closer. Making our cold hearts warm.
we didn’t start off as the hours on the phone type. both of us were completely comfortable in our own awkward silence. time was spent doing nothing most days. but it became something when beside her.
There is nothing worse Than the feeling of being replaced Not good enough You left when things got tough And I really can't blame you I would leave if I could too
You think you’re so cool Breaking up with me by phone I’m sorry but obviously You don’t know the definition of gentleman You think you’re in the zone, Taking girls on dates in private jets
If I left yesterday Would you miss me Today And forget me tomorrow? If I started running Would you chase me Bring me back To the lie of your arms
As the touches cease the scent is dispersed. The feeling hard to find. Walking only over traces; debris from what was left behind. Body frozen and unable to get back to that heavenly place. Trying to live without, only to see memories jogging.
My Goddamn wounds are beautiful My wounds are beautiful. When it rans here I think the clouds must miss you as much as I do and I'm broken.
"Go away," the guard says to him. But he begs and flatters his way in any way. He looks around, beaming at all the shining pieces. He picks them all up, pouring out complements as he goes.
Verse 1 My mind's a cynic This heart a fool I must be crazy to be loving you I never got over Our little games And the stupid love song I'd used to play
The end of school is soon, But yet I don't want to say goodbye. When the clock strikes noon, I feel as if a part of me will die.
The taste in your mouth that lingers and trudges, has no adulation for you any longer. The taste that's withers your tongue and scolds your cheeks shares the same name as I. Your erotic lips and animalistic eyes
Honestly I can’t get a grip on my words or what I’m trying to say, Every photo in this gallery looks at me in a different way, Hundreds of thousands of girls in this world couldn't make me feel, the way
Think back…. Can you remember houses made of cardboard boxes Out of which came your parents’ new furniture from ikea Do you remember changing your names
My darling, I must warn you that my heart is an egg, and I have glued it together since the last time it was dropped. You may claim it - you may hold it in your hands, and trace the mended seams with
when did you do it? when did you steal my heart? and how? you must of tricked me, trapped me, lured me and fooled me-- like prey.
I cannot share a space with you, for you know all my secrets. The silence sings and screeches of unspoken truths between us. You exhale skeletons on your breath, hot and thick with knowing.
i told myself i’d fix him show him that killing isn’t his path but he’s psychotic and poetic i guess i didn’t do the math.
Driving’ in his car, its amazing how the wind flows through the room. I couldn’t stop getting butterflies touching him. Why couldn’t it last for so long? I couldn’t help but to say goodbye.
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