I'm so sick of pretending like I'm fine

Like I'm okay with the way

My life has been

Like I'm cool with the fact

that you took a knife to my back

When you were supposedly my friend

My lover

My prince and shining armor

Well the joke is on me

Because now I see

You were never a prince

Just a loser wrapped in foil

Yet still the very thought of you

reminds me of every internal bruise

That you inflicted

on my heart

Damn, I was addicted to you

from the start

But your love was restricted

And that conflicted

with how you acted

What you said

You left with pieces of my heart

and the memory of your lips in my head

Now I'm more than lost

More like shattered

I lost you and at the time

You were all that mattered

I still feel this pain

It only eases when I sleep

These scars you have given to me

They run way too deep

I want to say thank you

For teaching me this:

I can't fall victim

To every breath-taking kiss

I can't believe

 In your deep brown eyes

They're captivating

 But full of lies

It took me a while to realize that

But now I do

I can't continue

to hurt this mucn for you

So you've beaten me

Lied to me

You bruised me so bad

But that was the past

The life I had

My heart is still in pieces

My heart is still shattered

But there's one thing I learned

And that is you never mattered




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