Think about it.

Now don't get offended, but did you ever stop and think that this might have ended for a reason? And that even if you think you love him, you might find someone else–  that you might actually truly love. I know that you may think that this is love, but you don't know until you experience that one person who makes you feel whole. They care beyond measures, and even when you want to give up, they give you another reason to love them.  You cannot and will not forget about them. You are in aw because of his pure existence. You are blinded. Your heart takes over and you have no control.


Now if this is how you feel, you may be in love,


Of course, you'll miss him. It may take you a while until you don't, but you need to carry on. Take from this misplaced situation and make something good out of it, but that starts with you.

Not him.


You are the one who decides how you feel and it may seem hard for you to push past all those feelings; after all we are human, but you have to be the one to finally do something about it.

Think about it.


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