On All the Places I Find Her


United States


She is everywhere

Even now, I swear she never left

She’s in every car ride

When rock songs play

The echoes of the way she sings

And bangs on the steering wheel

Compete with the music to be heard

She’s riding every motorcycle

Except the Harley’s because she would never

Ever “sink that low”

She’s painted every single abstract art piece

That’s ever made me feel something

She’s there when I kiss him

Even though I try to tell her that

This moment is not for her

It’s not for her

But she’s there

She’s in my fingertips

That are restless because they are still

Trying to trace her back with

Gentle “I love you’s”

She’s in the stars

Jesus, she’s in the fucking sky all the time

From the sun that used to live in her laugh

To the moon because she always preferred it

And of course the stars because we may all be 98% stardust

But she is 100% I swear

The color red might as well be her shadow

Red is cherries, her dirtbike, mars,  her passion

She’s in every text I get

Whether it’s from her or not

She’s in my bed every time I’m cold

She’s there, holding my hand in every movie scene with a jump-scare

She’s there giving me her order every time I get take-out

Sesame Chicken, Pizza with pineapple, sausage, and banana peppers,

Whatever Mexican food I’m getting because I know what’s good

She’s in the mountains

Maybe there just as much as the sky

She is in everything I create

My paintings call for her, my journal details every day

I wish she had been there-really been there- In my poems she is




But they do not compare

And it’s hard to feel her all the time because when I reach for her

My hand just swipes the air

She is everywhere

She is everywhere

But still, I miss her.


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