Broken Illusions

Thought I could stay,
That what I felt as strong enough that I would'nt feel like walking away.
Thought I could stop this;
All my doubts,
But they keep me up at night,
Trying to win this ceaseless war,
The one I never wanted to wage.
My thoughts are crawling, oozing, prawding,
Making their way into the light.
What changed?
Maybe it was me?
Maybe one day I grew up
And it was exactly what I needed,
But I never thought I would see you in this new light,
As someone that was no longer right for me.
You could ask me what I want but I would never tell you,
I could never confess that I want something new,
Someone new.
If I said these things aloud you would think me a selfish person,
Someone you don't even know anymore.
But the truth is, maybe you don't know me?
Maybe you never did?
Maybe you never took the time to see me,
To accept me?
Maybe this was a clouded relationship.
At some point we both took on the exact image of what the other wanted,
No of what the other needed,
And now it is time that the illusion was broken for good.

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