Listen I loved you,

 I love you. 

The light in your eyes seemed to fill my empty space.

 You were there for everything. 

You were my everything.

I tried to be strong and say you could leave. 

Which I guess you were right I wasn't okay,

 And the longer it takes,

 The longer I fall into the hands of fate. 

I refuse to be a subject of hypercritical love and faith. 

I refuse to say that I can't be me and love you. 

I refuse to believe that I'm not a valid person in a world of invalid things.

I'm scared that when it is uttered and I can't take it back you'll feel attacked. 

 That everything that was special will have a black taint splattered on it like paint.

 I'm scared you'll never look at me the same. 

I'm scared you'll never sleep the same 

 Say it’s the problem of confidentiality. 

You think you’ll lose everything. 

But I'm here can't you see?

 I'm going to sit here… 



I’m going to say you're valid. Okay?


 Everything that happened is for a reason; 

And you are enough of a reason to stay. 

So I’ll stay, 

Just tell me we'll be those annoying people who finish each other’s…



— Nala Bailey 

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