You'r Still My Hero .

Sat, 11/02/2013 - 21:18 -- Rocio

Somebody told me they saw my soldier! 
But Wait ! If his mine Soldier why he stop fighting for my love ! Why hes not protecting me or my love for him! But i guess this war aint over or did he die ! Love at war , where everything counts ! Will this heart cant take no more shots ! Its dying slowing ! But then again it comes back to life to return to the vacancy that he leaves when he looking for a new territory ! My soldier was here while he had all my support took advantage of it or its just taking me for granted ! He's almost ready to leave making decision that wont please him but will lead him to the pleasure that he desires ! Or the attention he had been asking or he's just craving just physical pleasure or is he out of his mind ! Its 2:30am and this heart is almost similar to this green tea. ! That is suppose to calm me down ! But theres no medicine to this pain !only time will tell ! 


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