Let Me Go

I keep holding on to fragments of you. Shards of possibility glitter with promise. 

I feel you slipping through my fingers. 

I grip you tighter, cutting myself as you leave my grasp. 

My pain stains on your beauty.  


Gathering as much of you as I can. 

Piecing us together. 

Envisioning the potential but the reality is just out of reach. 

I want all of your pieces but settle for the slivers.

It's not enough. 


I have to finish putting us together. 

I can't let go until there's no more pieces in our puzzle. 

Until we're solved.  

You won't make me stop even though you know I'm dying over this. 

Because deep down you don't want me to let you go either.  


Our bond makes it impossible for me to escape. 

I struggle to break free from you. 

To leave. 

To love again. 

But I always end up back in your arms. 




But wounded. 




I need you to let me go. 

Push me away. 

Make it stop. 

Let me go.


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