We You I


We click into sockets
But our bones know better
And keep us from being spaghetti dinner.

We journey through the stars
And look down at the puddle
And wiggle our toes and make ripples.

We coagulate and separate
And ooze and crystalize
And detach and deflate.

You know and are known
And I wouldn’t ask for more
And wouldn’t settle for less.

You make me so proud
And though I don’t stand
In my heart I am cheering.

You gloat and you squeal
And stand there so sure
Of who you are not.

You say and say and say
And in your vast carelessness
You are really just like me.

I am the sand on shore
And when your waves brush on my shoulder
Flecks sparkle and are gone.

I am the period
And when your words string as pearls
I end them with a sigh.

I am the hourglass
And you watch me and wait
And lose sight of me until I run dry.

I am nothing you would understand
And when you look and see
You don’t look and won’t see.

I am the wipers on your windshield
And make the way clear for you
Even though the way is not barred.

I am angry at you
And you have done nothing
And everything.


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