Once upon a time

Once upon a time,

He once looked at me in my chestnut eyes and told me I was beautiful

He once said the only person that could set his soul on fire was me

He once stated that he found comfort through my soft, raspy voice

He once pressed his warm, silk lips to my freezing, puffy lips

He once wrapped his compact arms around my fat-friendly hips

He once told me his favorite upbeat songs to his gloomy worries about life

He once urged me to pursuit my idealistic dreams and realistic goals

He once played our song in his semi-broken car on full blast for us to stupidly sing

He once insisted the only person that could make him truly happy was me

He once made me cry violently to where I could not breathe properly

He once screamed at me how deranged and selfish I was

He once called me disgusting slut and how I ruined his picture-perfect life

He once apologize the next distressed morning for his words that have broken me

He once said it would not happen again

He once lied, maybe not even once, maybe even a couple times

He once pointed out how his morning cup of coffee I made for him did not taste the same

He once told me he loved me


But this is a story about once



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