You and Me


I know 
iv'e known since the day we met. 
From the time he held my hand behind the jungle gym in grade school,
since our first kiss at a party because of a silly game. 
An to this dayas he stands beside me,
dressed in a tux and bow tie, 
with his sweaty hand nervously grasping mine,
I know,
i want to be with him forever. 
I think of all the moments when our eyes met,
and when our hands touched,
And I felt a spark. 
I think he felt it too,
because here we are standing here now,
letting that electricity flow through us both. 
We are each one human being, 
bu together we make something stronger. 
He removes his hand from mine to grab the little gold circle that symbolizes us uniting. 
He places it in my ring finger and I remember the first ring he ever gave me. 
Sophomore year we were sitting in the library and he opened his fist to show me a slim silver band with a single seven letter word written on it... "Promise"
though everyone thought a commitment like that would tear us apart,
we proved th wrong. 
So now here we are,
standing at the altar. 
He says two words and then it is my turn. 
I take a deep breath and release the words that I have been longing to day to him forever... I do.


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