He left me...


He left me half dead you know?

He left me a drained girl who had drank from his love for well over a year.

He left me hungry for love and affection for comfort and heat.

He left me like a starving artist yearning to share my passions.

He left me staring at the moon wondering if he was looking at it to, sharing a moment together again.

He left me laying in bed, legs spread, screaming in a pillow with words lingering, "this doesn't mean anything."

He left me with my mind skipping like a stuck record, like a stuck record his still face then a slight smile, I'm not crazy.

He left me like a flame without oxygen, trying to breath while suffocating in his smell.

He left me on the edge of his words like I was a cliffhanger without a rope to save me

He left me with a kiss so deadly I could feel the poison course through my veins even before his lips touched mine.

He left me on my knees begging like flower under the snow for the sun to show its face for just a second

He left me with questions I had about my imperfections and short comings, will I be good enough now for anyone?

He left me like a silly dream that I thought not possible but now a nightmare, I cant sleep.

He left me still as stone as if Medusa had returned from the pages of her Mythical World and seduced my wondering eyes into hers.

He left me looking for a God I had forsaken long ago and needed only for comfort.

He left me on the brink of insanity that made my subconscious thought reality, I talked to myself.

He left me with a bad taste in my mouth like love consisted of asparagus and shit

He left me to hate myself as he did...


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