Baby Blue


United States
45° 24' 8.7192" N, 92° 33' 28.5804" W

Blinded by the prettiest eyes I've ever seen,
Just had to compliment, not to be mean.
Blue color unlike anything I've known,
Stunned by the beauty, it clearly shown.
Held hostage by your glance, Baby Blue,
The Greek Goddess I see that is you.
Olive colored skin, perfection met,
Our paths will cross again, to this I bet.
Golden hair flowing, like a river of sunshine,
Paralyzed to speak, will you be mine.
Regret sinks in as you walk away,
For these feelings to you ill never say.
Ill bury them deep in my heart, Baby Blue,
Never knowing this man, the night, he fell for you.

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