Thousand Cuts

A thousand paper cuts cover my fingers,
From flipping through the pages of this book.
Of our book.
The book we wrote together,
Page by page,
Day by day.
We both made some mistakes;
A missed comma here,
A run-on sentence there.
But we're only human - mistakes are normal.
I overlooked all your mistakes because we can edit them.
You saw one grammatical error that I made and decided you didn't want to finish this book with me.
And so I keep reading,
Over and over,
And over and over,
And over again.
Until I find every mistake I made and find out how to edit them.
As each day passes my fingers bleed,
As more and more cuts appear on my skin.
New cuts forming over dreadful healed wounds as I obsessively search for every error.
But I'll be alright,
It's just a thousand cuts. 



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