Remembered Heartaches

The dim light casts shadows across the room,
softening the sad features her face held,
for in the corner laid a picture frame with memories so dear.
A war raged in the girls mind as thoughts of blame burned her heart.
Why did everyone have to be so far?
Only simple words and a few minutes,
that was all it took,
and now destruction took up every aspect of life.
Drowning in the delusions of lies,
her heart became tainted in perception.
Betrayal and heartbreak rung loud and clear.
A longing for forgetting ached at her mind,
for the memories broke her chest every time.
She was the rock that everyone leaned on,
yet slowly every lean created a new crack,
and one after another the rock crumbled,
showing the world no ones invincible.
But now that she laid broken and scarred on the ground,
everyone vanished into thin air,
leaving her to sink into a world of loneliness and remembered heartaches.
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