Birth of an angel


How do you think an angel is born?

When she fights to be pure and perfect

When she tried to be just for you

To stitch on her wings

Turned to the mirror to see

Needle through her own flesh

See blood run down her arms

Just for you.


But what happens when you push her away?

When that angel falls

Rejected from heaven as fast as she got there

Crashing into the ground

Feathers coated in red

All she sees is the sky

All she sees is you

You up there, without her.


Where will she go?

Now with broken wings

And a broken soul

She has no place to go

Wings limp at her side

Walking through her own blood

Staring down at the feathers

She had worn for you.


Why did she do that?

Change herself

Force herself to be different

To be what you wanted

Unable to see herself now

Only sees the broken wings

And feels only pain. 


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