Worse than a breakup

We met when we were eleven.

We had a group of friends,

but they all fell away


We were the only two that stayed.


We spent our nights baking cakes together

and drinking too much soda.

We spent our afternoons on your trampoline,

talking about conspiracies.

You were a believer

and I was a skeptic, 

but we always seemed to work.

The cliche of ying and yang is exactly what we were.

I thought our friendship would be our legacy,

and at one point, you did too.


When high school came,

I realized what everybody says is true.

All good things must come to end, 

and our friendship was all good things.

We had our first falling out summer '17.

We ignored each other for days.

I cried every night and was only comforted by food.

After we got past it,

things just weren't the same.

This voice in my head told me we were growing apart.

I tried to push and shove it away,

but the voice continued to nag.


We were sixteen when our friendship ended.

We now have a different group of friends,

and we can't even look at each other in the eyes.

I'm grateful for you because you gave me some of my best memories.

You showed me true friendship even though we fell apart.

I just want you to know that you really did mean something to me.

When our friendship ended,

I realized it was 

worse than a breakup.




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