Association Kills the Nation

I deleted it. Another one gone too. 
You don't have time for me? 
Well this what I'mma do.

Association is the killer 
The bleeding heart upon my sleeve
I don't want to be remembered 
I just want to up and leave 


I'm not gonna be your friend again 
Because look where we are.
What's the point of being that?
That's how we started from.


But then you just gave up or in
So I'm not gonna begin
I'm just tired of seeing you 
When I want to start again. 


This has happened right before 
There is still someone I blocked 
Who I said I would unlock 
but never changed the clock. 


She showed her colors too funnily enough
That was what we fought over
In the aftermath and stuff


Now I'm tired of your name 
Popping up left and right 
So I'm wondering just how
Should I deal with this right


Because as stupid as it sounds 
I don't want to hurt you too
Even though hurting me 
Is all you managed to do


I could just block and get it over with 
But I hesitate 
Because you didn't do anything to deserve this fate
But you broke my heart and you left me in the dust


It's a two way street 
No matter what you say. 
Or who justified you and all that you had played. 
And I had my place in it
I can't even tell a lie
I did things I wasn't proud of 
Locked my door and closed my eyes 


But everything I did I tried to do for someone else 
Even when I was falling 
Drowning from beneath the depths


Association is a killer 
I don't care what anyone says 
It takes pieces of you and leaves with someone else instead. 


I don't care who reads this 
truthfully I don't give a damn
I'm just tired of these fakers
Smiling right behind their hands


Association kills
So I leave nothing I can't stand
I'll remove myself 
I'll stay in another land


And don't reach out if the only reason
Is because of this
Because of what I'm writing truly it's
either hit or miss. 


A hit dog'll holler
So don't just talk to me
I don't want to deal with that
I don't want an apology.


Nah I just want to leave.
Bury the hatchet 
And then go on overseas. 


It just sucks because I almost had a home in you
I almost let myself just get too comfortable


So whatever 
Is what it is


Just mad I let it blind me like this

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