A new face won’t erase the scars an old face created

Needing sedation after seeing your fingers on the trigger

You can’t put a bandaid over a bullet wound and expect to heal

I can’t kneel at your feet any longer

Begging for forgiveness that was not mine to ask for


My self-worth is more than your fake affirmations

Conversations of romance

Only blanketing your true intentions

Deception has never looked so beautiful


I’m checking my messages for any discrepancies

I have a tendency to overthink things

But this wasn’t my fault

And to think that I exalted you

Saw something in you worth praising

I’m debating claiming temporary insanity

Because clearly I was wrong


I’m moving on to someone who values me

Who allows me to think freely

Instead of hindering me

The difference between what I want and need

A fine line you can no longer impede

I was never your property


I’m done letting you play operation on me

Picking at my anatomy

Curiosity got the best of you

The adrenaline rush of a scalpel got the best of you

I will no longer bleed for you

Let you see my deepest wounds

Being vulnerable only leads to trouble

I can’t buckle under pressure any longer

I’m stronger than you thought

Trying to use my weakness against me

Trying to use me against myself

But it didn’t work

I’m stronger than you thought



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