Where Are you?

Thu, 06/11/2015 - 10:08 -- szer111


Salt Lake City
3040 E Cruise Way 84109
United States

steadily pacin back and forth,

heart racin, watcha think i'm worth?

did your life take this course from your day of birth

to allow destiny to lead my way to you on this earth?

is it meant to be? how do you repair the dents in me?

my self igniting contriversy has me thnking if i do the same,

am i needed in your picture frame? do I help relieve the pain?

morph the headach to a migrain? i feel like i am fighting

throwing fist fast as lighting you made my heart beat like thunder

heart fealt rich, you where the funder, the sponser i was under.

every day you would deposit what i needed how'd you cause it?

after nearly a year you left the closet, for 2 weeks then paused it.

always found a way to chill, became dependant so alone i was ill.

still addicted, to feelings you've inflicted

but my prescriptions has been restricted

dealing with this sickness has been wicked

i see you and you simutaneously have fixed it

instatantly injected that love, so my hearts not infected

baby i know its a different season that contributes to the reason

that i don't see you like i use to but please love, my hearts freezin

i'm goin threw a struggle, i'm still trynna learn to juggle,

all the things thrown at me when i'm growin in this jungle

motivation feelin sensitive only your thoughts are really relative

sweetie just please try to find the motive to be more active

in workin me into that schedule that always keeps you captive.

i'm sorry if i'm cutting off your oxygen

applying pressure underneath your chin

it's just that you use to always take my breath away..

but now.. your the only person that can make it stay..

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