Your Wounds are Beautiful

Fri, 05/24/2013 - 18:12 -- kena94


United States
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My Goddamn wounds are beautiful
My wounds are beautiful.
When it rans here I think the clouds must miss you as much as I do and
I'm broken.
Love songs erased from palms that always dared to kiss wipe away the tears of something that we missed.
Goddamnit! Do you remember telling me I was beautiful?
That my wounds made me beautiful, made you love me?
You'd always be there, friends forever, best friends, shared eachother,
what the hell happened?
Maybe breaking up isn't breaking up if we keep making up,
and out,
and love.
I think I hate you.
Yes, I hate you and I can't speak
I love you, but I don;t dare to anymore.
Because these wounds,
these wounds are too deep.
And at night I fall asleep and dream of you and what holy palmers do,
but you're not acting like the guy I fell in love with,
you're acting like the exces you always hated,
and the guy I fell in love with, wouldn't want me to put up with it anymore.
So I wont.
Where'd you go? The boy that told me not to?
You'd eat me up you love me so, remember?
Of course not.
You know, I think you know more aout me than I do, which is really unhealthy if you think about it.
Fuck you.
No, not you,
Fuck this beating thing that makes me start falling
"I'll catch you when you're falling down, catch you before you hit the ground"
I'm stuck in a hole,
spiraled out of control,
can't crawl out without
more goddamn wounds.
On the playground we had it right,
don't kiss a boy his pathogen cooties will eat you alive.
And sometimes,
sometimes I want to sent you passive agressive texts,
then I will delete your number and wait for you to ask how I am.
"So Goddamn great, fuck you."
I mean, I miss you.
I mean, I love you.
I mean, I want you.
I mean
come back.
That's what I want to say, what I wish you'd say, but instead
"fine, fine :)"
That's poetic enough or past tense lovers, right?
Those of us who are unable to forget the piece stolen by the other.
But really,
stop sending me pictures of you "having fun" or "looking hot"
I know what you're doing.
I also know that you never used twitter until I came into the picture so
I'm flying
you're standing
standing still
standing so fucking still.
too goddamn still.
I miss you babe,
I love you babe,
I want you babe,
But these wounds,
my wounds,
are too goddamn deep


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